What the Heck is Livingly Dying, Anyway?


I strive to embrace livingly dying, a phrase I credit to the late Christopher Hitchens even as I co-opt his language. I see it as staring at imminent mortality and yet residing in the world of the living – finding the balance. How do you experience the concept?

Below I share a youtube that a filmmaker, Gerard Ungerman, made this past winter of me grappling with the topic as part of his Respectful Revolution series.

As you have a few minutes, please chime in with your perspective in the comment section at the close of this post.

The correct you tube is


Another fine but unrelated one is here – I goofed in the original post  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OK8Nut6y1U

Warmly, marcy


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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey and leading and teaching others the path to becoming more human, more alive, more honest and connected with each other.

  2. Hi Marcy – You are quite a woman! Thank you for reaching out and caring for others while intimately engaged in your own cancer trials. I admire you and the positive spin you put on each day of life… no matter your circumstances. What I see quite clearly here is God at work, using you to help and strengthen so many others. And I am thinking MANY will and have already woven your encouraging insights into their personal faith journeys to further build up His hope within them. Again, Thank You!

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