Off to the Bronx Riviera


Not every infusion center lends itself to the vacation metaphor. The Bruckner Clinic is a little on the gritty end. And life-saving experimental chemotherapy cocktails have their own emotional and physical challenges rarely woven into the vacation experience but, hey, they are just barriers. In hours I fly off with my beloved for 29-hour infusion number two at (ok, near) the Bronx Riviera. Not bad, eh?

We are, actually, excited. We may not get a chance to frolic on a beach but we will get an adventure, time in the big city and time together. IMG_8714For those of you who do get to vacation in the Bronx, send us a postcard from Orchard Beach; we are curious.

I have felt strong for almost a week, my belly feels significantly less full of surging cancer and I am ready for round two.



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  1. Great great news! So glad to know you’re feeling a little better. I know this is not the vacation you wanted right now but power to you and glad you can enjoy some time with Mike. Photo on the way… PS. We are now living at the pond house. Wow! I am not sure if this is the right thing, with so many other changes in our lives, but…who the hell cares!? It will be an adventure.

  2. Thank you for thinking of us Marcy. We await your posts. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Love, Adele

  3. You have read my mind! Was going to send you an email today. Welcome back to the Right Coast 🙂

  4. I understand the Bronx Zoo is a fantastic place. You and Mike might want to give that a try too. So good to see you cheered up a bit. All my love to you both. And hugs all around.

  5. May your vacation give you deep, deep healing. (It’s just too bad you couldn’t make your trip during the much cooler “shoulder seasons” of travel, though!) Sending you love and healing thoughts.
    Lee Ann

  6. Glad to to hear the positive health news and hope cocktails do you well, even if they aren’t the kind with olives. Not sure I could picture you on the Riviera, anyway — even a Bronx one. Much love to both of you from me.

  7. Sending love and healing thoughts to you as you jump boldly into this next step of the adventure. Glad your belly is feeling more normal and healthy–I’m seeing it get better and better!

  8. Glad to hear that you are feeling better! If you have time, take a stroll through the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Beautiful!

  9. Enjoy beautiful downtown Bronx. New York is always fun to visit. May you come back stronger and better. We know you are a fighter.

  10. So glad you feel the Chemo working. 29 hours is a long infusion. I have my first reoccurance and feeling a bit morbid. YOu are giving me strength and hope.

  11. my step daughter and her husband are big community leaders in the Bronx Riviera. He’s second generation, a film maker whose film logo is don’t mess with the Bronx and she is the medical examiner for the Bronx. Huge Italian community there. from my experience if you get away from your infusions you will have a good time.

  12. Hey! I didn’t realize that you’re here in NYC! We are pretty far from the Bronx, but we’re near JFK, and unlike most New Yorkers, we have a guest room. Let me know if you need a place to stay on any of your visits, or if I can provide on-the-ground assistance here in town — Kathleen

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  14. I hope the marathon infusion goes as well as it could… Miss you and thinking of you daily. I’m glad you are feeling better – Dale

  15. I saw you leaving Bruckner yesterday with your hubby. I was picking up my mom, Loretta Bernard. I was happy to see the smile on your face and the pep in your step as you two were leaving. Prayers for you and thanks for the inspiration you have given.

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