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Summer 2014 Vacation Plans Take Shape


I am off for a new vacation adventure — destination New York City. Most of the summer tourists might be checking out Broadway or the beach but not me, I am heading to Bruckner Oncology.

Bruckner Oncology

Bruckner Oncology

My volunteer travel agent, Carole Zoom, interrupted her final wedding details to find last minute tickets. She even threw in some of her own frequent flyer miles. How to say, “Thank you.” I hope to meet her for the first time later this summer.

Another friend in NYC, Jenny Levison, has map quested my every move upon arrival, is seeing if she can help with rides and made her home available. Despite her husband’s sons wedding being this Friday. She just kind of dropped everything and made this sound like her plan for the week. My mom and sister are now vying to see who wins the chaperone ticket for this trip. I am feeling wildly popular and loving it.

The ever intrepid Holly Pruett, quarter backed without question getting my massive files to NYC, and the doctor to review, comment and schedule me for this next week. The staff seem great, the doctor incisive in how he has already parsed four years of treatment history into a winning plan for circumventing my aggressive cancer despite my high failure rate with chemo.

He is known for treating us chemo failures, a large group of cancer patients that usually just die. He admires my existing treatment team and will work with them and even feels he can compliment the immunotherapy trial start up effort while he stabilizes me until my turn comes up for the T Cell Depletion Part Two, presumably this winter.

Other friends have brought in cheer, food and flowers to keep the modestly catatonic Mike and I of good spirits.

I have cried for a total of 60 seconds. I know this news is dire. I also heard my body SCREAMING, got tested and have felt my body settle down since the results came in.

I had a back up plan researched and it played out perfectly. Dr. Bruckner was where I wanted to go if things went bad. Everything has only confirmed that plan.

I value my local doctor a lot but knew as soon as she shared her treatment proposal that it was a path towards death – it wouldn’t work for me. Some day I might select those drugs but not now. She accepted that. I have had two surgical consults and they both said the exact same things about the amount of cancer I currently have leaving me inoperable. I don’t agree with that but I accept that – they were quite certain.

I feel hopeful. Not for a cure, ha!, but for continuing on the path assigned me. My body feels strong. My naturopath is working to address my blood sugar issues that probably caused my loss of consciousness earlier this week. And two days that total sixteen hours of infusion, well, that’s gotta do something. Right?

Stay tuned.

warmly, marcy