Peaceful & a Little Grumpy


June 4, 2015 

Alas, it looks like I continue to die… so that’s what I’m doing – patiently and kind of happily, dying.

Letting go.

I live each day, peacefully and admittedly a little grumpy as I prepare to leave, alongside Mike, beloved Caregiver of the Year.

I am amazingly tired. Bye for now.

Posted by Marcy’s care team: Marcy continues to be so appreciative of all of your love and concern. She knows it’s been hard not to hear from her so she’s asked us to post this message from her on her behalf. Your support means the world. With thanks and love.


About marcy westerling

I am a long time community organizer with a passion for justice and founded the Rural Organizing Project in 1992. Derailed by a Stage IV Ovarian Cancer diagnosis in spring 2010, I have stayed in treatment since then. I am learning how to embrace livingly dying and hope that by starting a Phase One immunology clinical trial at UPenn in spring of 2013 I will have more time to find the sweet spots of thriving while terminally ill.

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  1. Hi Marcy, I still think of you often and almost feel your life, or I imagine I do anyway.
    So you finally found time to enjoy your garden ,may it give you peace

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